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A term used to describe lesbians lack of desire too date a transgender female because she has a penis.
The cotton ceiling is a real problem for trans-females looking for women
by chucky lavinder July 27, 2018
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The term cotton ceiling refers to the difficulty trans people experience when seeking lesbian and gay relationships, and in lesbian and gay social spaces more generally. A play on the similar term "glass ceiling", the term was coined by Canadian trans woman and activist Drew DeVeaux.
The cotton ceiling, in short, makes the point that there are certain cis lesbians who are using their sexuality as a way to deny trans women’s womanhood. It’s not about coercing them, it’s not about saying you can’t have sex with only people you want to have sex with, its not about corrective rape or conversion therapy. It’s literally just a name for the concept of using your sexuality as a way of denying trans women’s womanhood; ie “I would never have sex with a trans woman, I’m a lesbian and don’t like men”.
by vicimgd June 20, 2019
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