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A group of supposedly elitist 4chan-frequenters who believe they are better and more accurate than the cosplay world. Around the cosplay world, they spend extreme amounts of money creating costumes they wear to conventions, then come home to either make new costumes or to bash other costumes and conventions and people for the sake of their own amusement.

Many cosplayers in the world supposedly fear them, though most are annoyed by their continual hypocrisy when it comes to bashing not only others, but themselves as well, and their continual argument that you cannot bash "one of their own" though they are allowed to bash you.

They often argue that they are not like 4chan at all, yet they're basically an organized 4chan with their names signed to everything, and they need to kindly take the supposedly-elitist sticks out of their asses.

"We're not like 4chan, we put our names on everything!"

Derived from "cosplayfucks", do not distinguish "cosplay" from "life", too much free time.
by Anonymous 614 April 30, 2008
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