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Sex with the dead. Also can refer to forum topics (similar to beating a dead horse).
Would you stop corpsefucking for a minute and get over here?
by Eugenitor July 11, 2005
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A political action whereby a witness testifying before the Unites States Congress, in which the result could be the firing, resignation or even criminal charges on the witness, is subjected to over-the-top grandstanding during questioning. If it is felt that the witness is "going down", "if they smell there is blood in the water, they will have as fun fun as they want with your mortal remains." (Veep S01E08). With all the Congressmen trying to get the soundbyte that is played over and over on news reels around the world. Shame, embarrassment, harrassment, humiliation, and partisan bias' toward the witness become the prevailing lines of questioning, until nothing of the witnesses character remains.
I sure hope Facebook keeps losing money, if they do, Mark Zuckerberg may catch some 'corpse fucking' by Congress when he testifies.
by jummpstart912 May 23, 2018
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