The fear of catching the current strain (COVID-19 in March 2020) of human coronavirus, expressed by wearing a face mask in public, or simply avoiding public places, public events and public transport.
Wow, we've lost half the audience to the show tonight due to coronaphobia
by natts March 07, 2020
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The constant fear of catching COVID-19 (coronavirus). Symptoms include: panic buying toiletries and hand sanitizer, wearing a paper mask that does nothing but make you look stupid, staying away from people and screaming if someone coughs! This can also be known as severe Coronatitus.
Anna: *coughs*
Jake: AHHHHH! No Anna you have been possessed by the coronavirus!
Anna: I was just coughing Jake.
Jake: Yeah... Yeah *quickly washes hands and puts on paper mask* Umm... Bye Anna I got to go...!

Example: Jake was had the coronaphobia as he was running screaming when his teacher coughed.
by Wolfie Definitions March 18, 2020
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why are you scared of the corona, STOPID
eww you have coronaphobia
ddddid u just say cOroNA? ahhhhhh
by bigoofmomentmydude March 21, 2020
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Where an individual or small group of karens will keep their distance from all human life by at least 5 miles, people who have coronaphobia are 88% more likely to go into the super markets and hoard all the supplies such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. They'll also yell "6 FEET" if you're too close to one.
"I know we all have to keep our distance but wow that karen has coronaphobia"
"yeah she's probably going to go steal some toilet paper while she's out"
by The pale princess May 21, 2020
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A fear that somehow, somewhere, you are gonna catch the Coronavirus.
Lizzy had Coronaphobia when she went to Walmart because people were staying less than six feet apart.
by Destiny Girl April 02, 2020
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