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1. Someone who is a fan of the sub-genre "metalcore" - one who attends metalcore shows and mosty upholds an appearance standard to the sub-culture.
2. An enemy of Metalheads and close cousin to emo kids.

synonyms: scene kid, scenester, poser, poseur.
1. Hey look at that hot topic core kid. I want to slowly torment and torture him until he dies.

2. Telling the difference between female and male core kids is nearly impossible.
by Dismal Manifestation March 07, 2010
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a typical kid who is always at metal shows, whether he/she is scene, emo, hardcore, or straightedge.

they like to dance and mosh.
DUDE, Look at Josh mosh, he is such a corekid!
by jamalmothafuckaaaa August 10, 2009
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Usually refers to the fans of metal sub genres such Metal core or Death, but goes further than that. They’ll most often be found ruining mosh pits in metal shows by flailing their arms around risking the safety of patrons. They call this “hardcore dancing”. This kind of idiocy fucks over the of whom the last thing on their minds was spending their hard earned cash to get physically assaulted by an oblivious retard with ear gauges the size of Buddha’s lobes.
Metalhead 1: Dude, that Core Kid over there was doing his stupid hardcore dancing and hit my girlfriend square in the face! Security tried kicking him out, but he found a way back in. Let’s find and beat his ass after the show!

Metal head 2: Damn straight! Let’s make him beg for death!
by Iron Hellion June 02, 2018
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