A victim of a widely-spread error: A computer user intends to use an original document as a template, copies it into the Windows clipboard, pastes it into a new document and does the changes. The user, however, does the changes in such a sloven way that the new text still contains numerous elements of the original one, and therefore blurring the intended meaning of the new text. The unmodified elements however should have been changed in order to make the text internally consistent. Copy paste victims often work under a strong pressure of time and can be found in all social classes.
Boss: Please prepare the shareholders meeting minutes. I need them today.
Secretary: All right, boss. Can I use the last meeting's minutes as a template?
Boss: Sure. Just make sure, that you got everything.
<Secretary proceeds as described above: Exampe - Original: "The meeting was held on May 10, 2004."
Copy: "The meeting was held on April 27, 2004(!).">
Secretary: OK, boss. I have prepared the minutes for you. Here they are.
Boss <after a brief study, with a worrying facial expression>: Oh, no, you copy paste victim! You forgot to change the year. The meeting was held on April 27, this year and not last year *grumble*.
by Ava May 10, 2005
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