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Someone who is always on the lookout for chances to salvage discarded/unwanted copper to sell for scrap.
I don't mind coppertunists who just tootle door-to-door and respectfully ask people if they have any unwanted metal kicking around, or merely gather up already-discarded pieces that are simply strewn on the ground or lying beside the road... what really burns me up is the selfish.mean guys who actually steal other people's stockpiles of pipe/wire, or --- even worse --- rip the piping out from the walls of summer homes, hunting lodges, lakeside/fishing camps, etc., so that the cottages' unfortunate owners have to either replace it or go with plastic piping instead. Makes me also wonder if any of those same sneaky dudes have investments in the PEX industry!
by QuacksO October 03, 2017
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