Man's right rear jeans pocket, when it's got a white and obvious ring outline where he keeps his can of Copenhagen.
Many cowboys, oilfield workers, or other working class men have this Cope ring "symbol" on their jeans. They're hard working, taxpaying family men who get a little pleasure from "dippin'" Cope, Skoal or other tobacco.
by Oilfield Trash September 13, 2007
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The mark made over time by a can of snuff kept in a back pocket of one's jeans. This term is applicable equally to Copenhagen, Skoal, Kodiak, Longhorn, or any other brand of pulverized tobacco in a can shaped like a hockey puck. In Canada, guys speak of getting a "puck" of chew.
Damn! Lookit at the cope ring Bubba's got!
by longhornboy1984 August 17, 2006
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