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Similar to the cunt punt, a cooter booter is when you kick someone in the cooter because they have wronged you, pissed you off, or are a disgrace to humanity.
That bitch stole my parking spot, let's give her the cooter booter.
by AngelaMay blahhaha November 29, 2007
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One who cootboots, i.e. leads a woman on and then denies her sex and expels her from sleeping quarters.
"So I was thinking finally we're gonna fuck, but then he fell asleep and I stormed out. What a fucking cooterbooter!"
by Cooterbooter February 17, 2010
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A term for when some one kicks a woman in the vagina.
I saw my neighbors fighting out side and all of a sudden the wife gets the old Cooter Booter
by Pazman May 23, 2018
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