The Cooper's ligaments stretch causing the breasts to sag. This is sometimes referred to as Cooper’s droop. Myth has it that if a woman could hold a pencil under her breast, she has Cooper’s droop.
Wow, after breast feeding five kids, she has a serious case of coopers droop!
by Rick Sr August 21, 2006
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A form of sexually transmitted infection caused from prolonged sheep bladder abuse. The symptoms are similar to Belles Palsy where one side of the face suffers paralysis and noticeably droops. The difference here is that one side droops, but lower in the anatomy. Specifically within the scrotum.
Cooper's Droop aka Highland Wilt is a condition common in the Scottish Highlands causes by sheep bladder abuse. "Seamus is limping again. Must have a wee case of Cooper's Droop."
by Spanish Lass January 15, 2012
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