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A city in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. Has the highest mullet per capita ratio of any city in Minnesota.
If you go to Menards in Coon Rapids you are sure to see at least 5 mullets, and at least 15 nascar tee shirts.
by Sports Pimps May 24, 2005
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Coon Rapids, MN is a large north-western suburb of Minneapolis. Coon Rapids is known for it's many parks, and recreational centers, restraunts, and many places to shop, making it a good suburb for everyone in the family. Coon Rapids is home to over 60,000 people (42% White 31% Black 14% Asian 8% Latino 4% Other 1% Native American). Unfortunatly Coon Rapids is also known to not be the nicest suburb, and is often refered to as "Coon Town" because of it's high population of Black residents, has one of the highest crime rate out of all the Twin Cities suburbs, and has gone the fastest down hill out of all the Twin Cities suburbs. Because some people have thought that Coon Rapids' name was a racist one, some Coon Rapids councilman have requested a name change, some of the ideas were Racoon Rapids, and River Rapids. Coon Rapids is aproximetly 9.8 miles from Minneapolis, and 15.4 miles from St. Paul. Some other nearby cities are Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Fridley, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Spring Lake Park. Coon Rapids is in Anoka county.
I live in Coon Rapids, it's in Anoka county.

How do you like living there?

It has some nice spots, some are not so nice, I like all the fun things to do, but I would like to see some changes.
by mr canadian December 14, 2009
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Also known as Crapids. A northern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Inhabitants are often mocked for being rednecks/hicks.
Mike's mullet got caught in the door as he reached in to grabt his Pabst from the pickup after the Coon Rapids hockey tournament.
by notahick April 16, 2009
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