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A cool person who practices unruly behavior -- usually pertaining to various forms of debauchery.
Have you found any cooligans to go drinking with at your new job yet?
by paulb0t October 25, 2006
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DESCRIPTION: A personality disorder in which the person believes him or herself to be cool, but is in fact one or more of the following: wanna-be thug, wanna-be-tough guy/gal,
LIKELY SYMPTOMS: Acting 'hard', unprovoked aggressiveness towards others deemed unlikely to respond violently (aka bullying), person may show signs of wanting to 'keep it real', excessive douchebaggery, Sexual Deviancy, Lack of Social Norms,

POSSIBLE CAUSES: Small Genitalia (in men); Victim of bullying; Little, No, or Completely Ineffective Upbringing; Little or No Sexual Relief involving another human.
Look at these cooligans.
by BigDickMcGees September 21, 2016
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