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The art,(it is truely an art!)of keeping the cooler organized,free of water and full of ice and consumables. re-stocking the cooler with beverage as needed and making sure none of them are warm or skunky.
jack: on our yearly trip to englishtown i usually do the "cooler maintenance" we all bring beers.
ryan: dude, i'll bring copious amounts of meat for the grill
phil: i'll bring my garmin and i'll try not to throw up
scott: ummm, yeah, wow, i can't go guys, sorry. but if i do go i'll bring two 36 packs of brew.
bob: i'll bring my breathing machine. and tell fuck stories.
jay: i'll try not to bang any under age girls, nugggah ! !
by jack the wack June 26, 2008
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