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Portmanteau of conversation and relationship. Can signify either a relationship that lasts only the length of a conversation or a conversation of such intensity that it takes on the dimensions of an entire relationship.
Mr. X: I met someone last night.
Mr. Y: Really? Did you get laid?!
Mr. X: No, we were just talking intensely for hours.
Mr. Y: Are you gonna see her again?
Mr. X: Naw, I think it was just a good conversationship.
by botschaftler May 25, 2012
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A temporary relationship between two people that lasts as long as you are conversating.
Person 1: Whats up?
Person 2: Nothing. Just chillin.
Person 1: Cool, sounds like fun...
Person 2: Yep, well Im gonna get going. TTYL.
Person 1: Alright, well this was a fun conversationship... later.
by MarkusMcNugen January 25, 2012
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