One who has literal conservative values and objectives, but is intelligent enough to self govern through anarchism.

Note: This person is not concerned with the standard Ideals of the American "conservative" party. Eg: Anti-abortion, Christian/religious, anti-gay, pro-gun.

Although they can incorporate these ideals into their personal political structure even if they are not in fact literally conservative.
The conservative anarchists didn't waste resources, nor did they require a governmental entity to have a successful society. Less waste and more money and resources saved by all the conservative anarchists, was spent to fund education and science instead of a millionaire politicians yacht collection.
by xlioilx July 13, 2012
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One who opposes the state and all government control, whilst remaining socially conservative. Conservative anarchists oppose state coercion but do not necessarily object to a naturally occuring hierarchy in certain social situations, e.g. religious institutions.

Conservative anarchists might-
oppose abortion, drug use and pornography.
support a traditional family structure and gun rights.

Likely to be, but not necessarily, religious. Often Christian, taking inspiration from the Christian community in Acts.

Tend to favour property rights, but does not necessarily take a strong position. As such, conservative anarchists are not to be confused with anarcho-capitalists.
by rebel_conservative January 17, 2008
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A conservative anarchist is a magical fictional creature that doesnt exist because it would rip a hole in the universe due to the paradoxial nature of it. Thats not to say anarchists are liberals, but they certainly are not conservatives.
Vampires are like Conservative Anarchists, they dont exist.
by Punkasfuck August 24, 2006
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one who believes in all the ideas of libertarianism and follows anarchism but does not believe in abortion or go out and protest wars like a flaming faggot.
to be a conservative anarchist you must....
1) say fuck authority and the RIAA
2) frequently use kazaa lite
3) wherever you go , bring spraypaint and tag the conservative anarchist logo (an elephant with a swastika and an anarchy circle with an "A" in it on top of it)
4) white power (some respect to vietnamese and philipino)
5) doesnt believe in abortion
Person A : I love being a radical anarchist. Let's go protest a war!
Person B : Shut the fuck up and keep sucking Bradley.
Person A : Okay. Maybe we should just give up being radical faggots and just become CONSERVATIVE ANARCHISTS.
by JEREMYLITTLEFIELD January 31, 2004
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A conservative anarchist is an anarchist who holds anarchy to an ideal but realizes it is unrealistic and impossible in its true form.
Look at Susan, she is such a conservative anarchist. She wants to bring down the state in a blaze of glory, but she can't help but feel that it would cause too much trouble.
by skhulzy May 13, 2015
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