Consentivity is a life principal where you dedicate yourself to being positive and asking for consent
Why do you ask if I give consent before doing anything?”
“Because I live by Consentivity”
by Tesla2277 March 29, 2018
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Did you take my consent before stalking me?
You may leave
I am a smartass
Who will barge my way in anyone's life
I want to know every fuckn thing
I have no respect for people's boundaries
I do not understand when I am unwanted
I m a nice person otherwise..sure
Did I offend you ?
Do you not like my love?
Is my love too much for you?
Are you gonna cry about it hving too much love too?
I do love you from a distance

I never want to meet you
I am here for the attention
Please do not move on
I cant stay with you

I cant let you go
I cannot let you move on
Let me taunt you on the bird app
I know you are sensitive
Let me take advantage of it
Whatever, consent? Huh? What's that?
by IndecisiveGurl May 14, 2022
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Being friendly toward the idea and partaking in the smoking of marijuana.

The act of smoking marijuana.
Yeah, let's consent.
by pirate bill January 27, 2011
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Consent non consent (CNC) is a sexual fantasy/kink or fetish. Often used as a coping mechanism for rape or sexual assault survivors to reclaim authority over their own body. In CNC two consenting adults engage, have a safe word and know each other's limits. One forces the other, while the other pretends to not enjoy what's happening. This is also known as rape play but rape can be a triggering word to victims so CNC is preferred.
"I tried Consent non Consent last night with James to help with my trauma! It was very freeing."

"Wow, that's great! I hope you're able to feel better, Make sure you stay safe though!"

"Our safe word is kiwi! Don't worry."
by Del's Definitions June 8, 2020
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Consent is something that can turn people on. It's like a new kink don't believe me. I've seen others say that they love when others ask for consent. So therefore consent is the newest kink.
Man: Can I?...With your consent of course.
Women: Consent is my favorite kink~
Women: I was talking with my man and he asked for consent that was so hot.
Women's friend: You can consider consent your new kink then!.
by ItsJustA May 3, 2020
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When you and the other person have a mutual love for pomegranate and kissing ensues.
She gave me consent when she told me she loved pomegranates too.
by The_forklift October 2, 2017
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