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an WNBA player that has a boy name. she likes her dog henry, whip cream, and cactuses, all just a little too much. She is commonly seen pulling down her sweatshirt because she thinks everyone is a perv trying to bake her cake. She has a pet giraffe named Andrew. Andrew is best friends till the end with a hedgehog named Harold. She has about -12 friends and loves to pick chocolate off of people. Look for her odd and mysterious chocolate markings on the palm of her right hand. Additionally, she has an odd phobia of ears and ugly people. She only sends toe nudes to the specialist of people. She enjoys caramel delights and cheese sticks frequently and loves to listen to promiscuous girls on soundcloud and when i look at you by Miley Cyrus. Her sister recently secretly got a hamster without telling her mom and Connor says it "ran off" somewhere in the house and is lost, but many speculations have surfaced that Connor may have eaten the hamster herself. she can be described as an interesting girl.
who's that pulling down their sweatshirt so low and excessively?
oh that's connor alden craig, she sent me toe nudes last night. interesting girl.
by quariumlover January 12, 2017
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