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to be insespient or insespienize another, is make one of lesser value, in equivalent of one's stature. Insespient is a state of being, one who represent and socialize with the low life mongrels, that lurk in the shadows with cat-like stealth. To be insespient, is to be inferior, forever doomed to a life of subservient behavior towards those who are your superior.
Alden: "Karolina doesn't know who she's messing with, she is not prepared for what's about to hit her"

Sienna: "I know I almost feel bad for her"

Alden: "Don't, it's not our fault that she's an insespient vixen"

Sienna: "It's true did you see her try to message me the other day and insespienize me!"

Alden: "As if"
by siensta April 02, 2011
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