Conifer is a town 40 Minutes into the Foothills from Denver were people move to get away from the city. It has beautiful mountain surroudings and scenery and crazy weather. It has a well established school system and a quickly developing commercial area. In the last 3 years it has gotten a new King Soopers and Safeway and a Chili's among other ridiculous stores.

The area is really diverse and full of people who don't want to be around other people, hence why they moved into the mountains. Also Full of mountain men with big beards, fat, and wear logging clothes to the local hot spots such a Chili's "oh baby" and sit at the bar for 5 hours and live in the middle of nowhere in small cabins.

The kids who live in this mountain community have absolutely nothing to do but do drugs and hang out at there local hot spot, the Conifer Safeway, Woohoo...... and also absolutely hate living up in mountains.

Conifer is also 20 minutes away from Bailey Colorado, home of Platte Canyon H.S. were a sick pervert molested and killed one girl.

The area also has a local favorite website, pinecam in which people have nothing better to do but rant and talk about the most stupidest stuff in the world, hence a 800 page response about voles. Hence, implying even more that the people up here have nothing to do.

Conifer also gets some sick 5 foot snowstorms and people GET real excited about it!

The police are very chill until you do something slightly wrong, then they woop ya. A few of them do way to much traffic control.

In short, Conifer, Colorado is a town full of people not wanting to be near other people and find Chili's and grocrey stores hot spots and have nothing better to do than live in the middle of the mountains, drive 40 mintues to get to anything and have absolutely nothing to do but respond 10,000 replies on a website about friggin mice and shoveling the 5 feet of snow that can dump here and they find it beautiful to live here.

HEY DUDE LETS go to the Conifer Colorado safeway!!!

by ryfly May 02, 2008
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