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When ones nuts are so visable through ones pants, that others begin to take notice. This occurs most in certain types of pants more than others, and more in certain people.
There are 3 main forms of this condition;
1. Group nuts: When your balls are both in the same area, such as both to the left.
2. Loner nut: When one nut is off to one leg, and the other is in the middle of the 2 legs.
3. Peanut butter Sread: When each nut is off on its own, down either leg. This is the rarest form, and requires a very sweaty, elastic, and sticky nutsack. Each nut must have a certain amount of sweat to attain the required sticky factor to be able to overcome the scrotal tension.
Frank: "Damn dude, Paul had some major congo-nuts on the go"
Dave: "i kno man, it was motley."

Phil: "Cwees has some congo-nuts fequently."
Sandi: "so thats what they are!"
by GoGo Action Bronco May 27, 2005
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