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The confident 7 is the last chick you can meet out at the bar. You are barely interested in her, nothing more than maybe a brief conversation and the intentions of having a one night stand. She however is confident and thinks that she is an 8 or 9, or even worse a 10. In this scenerio, she might blow you off, not give you any receptive attention, even though she really isn't worth the time.

To further explain, normally when out at the bar there are 7s, 8s, even sometimes 9s who have lower self-esteem. Not the confident 7. They are the worst. Sometimes you won't even be able to fully identify if she is indeed a confident 7 until you have put in your entire night's worth of gaming on her and at the end of the night when you are expecting sex, she might not even give you her number.
Mike: "Dude, what do you think of that girl at the bar? She's kinda cute right? I bet I could probably slam it tonight."
Tom: "Don't waste your time. I introduced myself to her and she blew me off. And she really isn't even that cute."
Mike: "The confident 7s are the worst!"
by PDM1 August 14, 2010
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