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(1) a structure you build in the strategy game Starcraft (communications satellite) that allows a player on one side to have a small portion of a darkened map location to be revealed for a time period; (2) to spy over a LAN game; (3) a cheating tactic employed during network or LAN game sessions; (3b) to clandestinely peek or have a friend peek over the shoulders of another player during a LAN game (especially in an internet/network gaming setup), usually to "reveal" the enemy player's location--such as the position of a hidden "colony" in strategy-type games or one's map location in a game such as Counterstrike--to gain unfair advantage.
Don't think I can't see you comsat my location! You've been peeking on my screen a billion times since we started playing.

Hey Larry, play fair, you wimp. Stop sending your comsat buddy here, pretending he's just watchin'.

Know what? That jerk who's watching you play earlier is actually a comsat from the other guild.
by Raf Lopez November 29, 2007
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