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Shorthand for a type of comparison that only involves two items. Usually the audience is aware of this fact, but for some reason the author while making fun of someone for a homonym... makes his own homonymic error. Oh the irony.

"Compairison" is used mainly by large headed poorly endowed males found along the eastcoast of the US.

Usually said male will own or attempt to own 2-3 vehicles all equipped with at least 1 power added.

At any given time, only 1 of the said vehicles will work properly.
"Now doing a compairison, a "well set up domestic", assuming for this example is a LSx based motor, in a 3600lb car, can make make a crap load of power early in the power band, and take it all the way through to fuel cut, shift and have the power there all over again, through each gear."
by DemDare September 27, 2007
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