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Communitysource (and communitysourcing) is a reframing of the crowdsourcing meme. Instead of asking a bunch of random individuals to help you with a task, project, or other work, instead, take the time to cultivate a strong community of people who help each other succeed.

For example, designers should team up with developers and writers, and all of those people could benefit from knowing business development and project management experts. They can refer work to each other, help each other with projects, and be a good support system generally.

Communitysourcing as an endeavor can be a sustainable way to create strong ties within a group of individuals regardless of their shared goals.
Instead of asking a bunch of strangers to help us with this project, can't we communitysource it? Doesn't anyone here know an expert who can handle this?
by myerman April 26, 2010
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