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an awesome song by Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock band that ever came to exist.
Me: Have you heard communication breakdown lately?
non-led-zeppelin fan: duh... whats a communication breakdown
Me: its a led zeppelin song.
other guy: i am sorry for offending the great led zeppelin. I am ashamed. I shall now wash my mouth with soap becuase I have dishonored the greatest song on earth.
by fads;lkfja;sldkfj December 13, 2007
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a song by led Zeppelin that was included on thier eponymous first album. It includes an amazing riff and guitar solo, and clocks at around 2 or 3 minutes.
Guy 1: I don't like Led Zeppelin.
Guy 2: I'm having a communication breakdown.
by Illego Mexicano December 16, 2007
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Happens when a language is changed and is not fully mastered. The ability to make others to understand is put down by a huge percentage. The communication between is slowed down, pronunciation of words is often a problem and the forming of words is not as quick as you want them to be, therefore the timing gets fucked up. The response of body language is more emphasized than it already is but is frequently interpreted wrong. So, keep an extra eye of how the body is acting.

You may end up feeling stupid when a language barrier hits hard.
- ¿Dónde está la playa?
- What? Play? Damn, I should have pay attention at spanish class. This is such a communication breakdown.
- ¿Que?..

Extreme example-
American: Do you know the way to the beach?
Non-English Speaking: うせろ
by xHoodwinked March 12, 2011
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