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The dirty book that Kakashi reads in Naruto. Made By the great Jiraiya and we always see Kakashi Reading it.
Kakashi= They made a movie about Come Come Paradise? Im reserving tickets!
by Kyuubi0000 January 16, 2005
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some questionable material kakashi reads in naruto and naruto shippuden, written by jiraiya aka. ero sennin
naruto: sakura-chan! sakura-chan! have you seen kakashi sensei???
sakura: he's probably reading come come paradise
naruto: he's reading ero sennin's r-rated porn book... how surprising
sasuke: he's late again
*kakashi appears*
kakashi: sorry... i guided someone to the hokages's office, he was lost-
naruto, sakura, sasuke: ...
naruto, sakura, sasuke: KAKASHI SENSEI
kakashi: heh heh heh
by nothaydenz August 19, 2019
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