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the friendship that a bromance / group of close male friends shares.
1/ sarah: hey why aren't you and your bf hanging tonight?
jane: oh, he's combo meal-ing with his bros. that's why you and i can do girls' night out.

2/ i love you, man, is a perfect example of a bromantic comedy in which the guys have a combo meal going on.

3/ in white collar, peter burke and neal caffrey have a great combo meal.

4/ most guys have a group of guy friends or at least one close guy friend with whom they share a combo meal of friendship.
by Maerylihn September 05, 2010
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Definition 1: A meal with a combination such as a burger with
fries and a drink.

Definition 2: A fat person who has a combination of different skills.
For Definition 1:
"I went to McDonald's and got a Big Mac with a combo meal!"

For Definition 2:
Fat person: "I know karate, skateboarding, and can sleep with my eyes open!"
Fat person's friend: "Wow dude, you're a combo meal."
by thev101 December 01, 2009
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when a man and a women are having sex, a third party simultaneously licks the man and the women's genitalia.
I had a threesome last night and got me a combo meal.
by cmack2406 October 13, 2012
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When the girl you've gone down on has a pussy that tastes so good, and she's so into it that you spontaneously decide to eat her pussy and her ass before banging her.
Jordan: Yo, man... Did you hit that shit from last night?

Taylor: Fuck yeah, bro. In fact, she was so damn hot I had to make it a combo meal.
Jordan: Nice!
by SeudoNim August 11, 2016
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