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A school in The Woodlands that kids go to if they're rich or just don't get into enough trouble to go to Wilkerson Intermediate. About half the kids that go there think their the coolest kids to ever exist on the planet because they know what sex is and what the word "fuck" means. The other half are plain innocent and won't even say that word "crap" in their lifetime. Pretty much every kid there has girlfriend or boyfriend and their relationships last about a week until they find someone else to pretend to fuck. To sum it up the kids act like their 16 trying to stuff their pants to make their ass look bigger when in reality their 12 years old, and the principal is shitty and annoying as hell.
Kid 1: dude my brother goes to Collins Intermediate

Kid 2: you mean that school where the half the kids are training to be strippers?

Kid 1: yeah that one
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