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Refers to someone who is "kind" or "thoughtful" to someone else by spending excessive/unnecessary money on him, or by giving the person undeserved/unearned cash gifts. Often used in a sarcastic/disapproving manner, where the speaker feels that the fiscally-generous person is either just being overindulgent (like a doting gramma/grampa to a spoiled/impressionable child whose old-school/austere parents want to train the child with the "you have to earn what you spend, and good behavior should be practiced without expecting to be bought/bribed" mentality), or is trying to manipulate/pressure the "favored" individual by paying him to perform dishonest actions and/or sexual favors for the giver.
That sugar daddy is sure coin-siderate to his lady-friends, yet he won't spend a bleepin' DIME on his own kids or on donating to worthy general-assistance causes in his area.
by QuacksO July 15, 2016
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