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The slang term for a person affected with Penile Scrotal Coggloriotus. A disease which actually separates the two testicles found within the male scrotum into four separate, smaller testicles. The two original testis will tend to be somewhat larger than their counterparts but the size differential rarely exceeds 60%-40% when compared to the original mass of the original two testis.
After being diagnosed, Tod kept the fact he was now a Coggler to himself.
by Ashen Skies. September 20, 2003
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Also, an alternative definition is a crazed individual who fetishes over the male repoductive system that has been deformed through the infection of Penile Scrotal Coggloriotus..
1. sussie has a major fetish for coggler balls. she loves to lick the deformed ball sac.

2. Jamie would only rock the coggler cock, she loved the feel of 4 balls beneath her bit.
by The-Clasp September 24, 2003
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When one has 2 balls, then are separated into 4.
Richie is a coggler,therefore,he has 4 sparate balls and likes to feel on them constantly.
by You Know Who September 25, 2003
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