Used to describe a developer whose sexually attracted to other developer's code.
'She doesn't know Java. I wrote that code, you said you're in love with her mind. You realised what's going on right? It's not her you're sexually attracted to: It's my code'
'Shut the —— that was the most disgusting fucking thing I've ever heard...'
b'Just face it. You're gay for my code, you're code gay.'/b
'No, No! I'm into her. Her! OK? Fuck your code!'
'You'd like to fuck my code, wouldn't you? Hey, would you like to masturbate to the subroutine I just wrote?'
by katetem September 22, 2016
1. Nondescript language used between gays who are partially out of the closet, to avoid suspicion. Often involves a lot of gender-neutral pronouns and unspecific common nouns.

2. Mutual understanding that semi-closeted gays who are out to each other do their best to conceal the sexual orientation of the other, or, at the very least, does not force the other out of the closet.
(In gay code)

Gay #1: So is the... person you mentioned earlier here?
Gay #2: No, they couldn't make it.
Gay #1: Shame. Do you know if they're... ('not straight' is understood here)
Gay #2: Nope, and that's the worst part, isn't it.
by GayCodeTalker December 18, 2009
This term means when comparisons or metaphors can be made to relatable LGBTQ+ issues
Dude! These scenes from Ratatouille are obviously gay coded
by Unitrex January 14, 2019
The word nor/mal is the gay code used in bois to tell people that ur secretly gay
"Yup I'm totaly nor/mal" gay code
by Mikeypota September 26, 2021
The unwritten, unspoken code of homosexuals that any homosexual is willing to have sexual relations with any other homosexual, regardless of how attractive he or she is. This may be due to the fact that are smaller amounts of homosexuals than heterosexuals in the human population, so they "take what they can get."

The code is more prominent and visible within the male homosexual community, but homosexual females also abide by it. The lack of visibility in the female group may be due to the natural instinct of all women to be uptight, bitchy, illogical, and almost always unintelligent.
"Hey, you're ugly as hell and I'm not drunk, but let's bang anyways because that's the gay code!" -gay man
by All-Knowing One August 11, 2009