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A noun meaning sexual intercourse, literally 'cock to pussy'.

Derivation: A pun on the title of the James Bond film / book 'Octopussy' in which the lead character, Mr Bond (double agent 007), gets plenty of 'cock to pussy'.

Hey babe, we've had a great night out, now how about a little cocktopussy (wink, wink!).
by silkpouch September 10, 2007
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A man, or woman, possesing eight cocks and one vagina.
When that fool masturbates it gets fucking everywhere, he's such a cocktopussy.
by Frank Koerner November 19, 2004
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1. A slang term for sex
2.The ratio of men to women at any given social gathering
3. a legendary monster parents use to scare their children to keep them from having sex. This creature has eight long cocks attached at the base and in the middle is a huge pussy; the mouth of the beats. Many have been killed by the mythical beast,and the beast is the cause for many of the virgins left in the world.
1. (At a party)
guy 1: I don't want a relationship, I just really want to go cocktopussy with you.
slut: Okay!

2. (At a bar)
Guy1: Dude, let's blow this joint! it's got a bad cocktopussy ratio!
Guy2: Yeah it's a total sausage fest!

3. (In a Bad Scifi Movie)
Guy1: Holy shit, it's the Octopussy!
Stupid slut who trips and dies: Oh my god!!!
Guy1: We gotta get out of here, that pussy looks hungry!!
SSWT&D: Yeah, totally!
by Frozenfiirefox98 September 27, 2008
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