When one of your friends is talking about something you can't put up with anymore and say cock throb to end the conversation.
Ron: My refrac is back boys
Dave: Cock throb
Ron: Fuck I need to talk to someone about it
by Lube Nudeman April 27, 2015
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similar to a "heart throb" but instead of wooing the heart, it woos the cock.
"Some would call you a heart throb, I would file you in under cock throb."
by the mooninites December 12, 2008
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Similar to when a girl is a heart throb, except when you see her, instead of falling in love, you get an instant boner
Mia Khalifa is such a cock throb!
This girl is such a cock throb, I gotta jerk off now...
Those librarians with glasses, definitely cock throbs!
by sefure69 February 20, 2019
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