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a word used to describe an asshole/bastard or a lump on your dick.....or an expression used when just fucked something up.....Ah Cocknuckles
example# 1: Johnny get over here and stop playing with your cocknuckle you stupid african american. FUCK YOU YOU CHINK ASSHOLE WUNG HANG!

example# 2:stop mocking officer shitfingerz you homotransparent retard rapsit. ABSOLUTLUTELY NOT you stupid bout you suck my cocknuckles
by white_boy_who_likes_rap December 03, 2006
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A Cocknuckle is just how it sounds, they are a person who is a big cock and there as thick as a knuckle. They are the ultimate tool, a cocknuckle is colloquially referred to as a “Lachy”.
An example of a cocknuckle or “lachy” behavior: say your have recently found a slight bump in one of your breasts and you go to your friend for some comfort and support, they reply with something along the lines of “yeah my grandmother died of cancer”, the friend who you seeked support from just made you feel much worse than you already had.
by Gods June 10, 2007
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