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Cockmurder is when an event takes place that just so happens to decrease your sexual arousal. Actions, Words, facial expressions.. Anything that drops the mood dramatically causing a loss of an erection.
Mike: So John what happened with that girl last night?
John: Well we were having sex and she let out the longest, nastiest fart.. It was total cockmurder.
Mike: Yeah, Sally laughed at me when I took my pants off, that wasn't as bad, but was still cockmurder.

Paul: HAHA I heard you couldn't perform the other day!
Thomas: When she took off her panties and I saw that rain forest bush of hers, it was cockmurder. I was afraid of catching it on fire it was so large.
by ex1z7 April 27, 2006
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Beating someone to death with a huge cock. Usually done with a few slaps to the face.
If that bitch doesnt pay up, ima cockmurder her!
by TheNiggadamus January 26, 2005
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it was created by me and my friends and it is when you put a big cock deep in someone`s throat until the person dies from no breathing, it has been difused and changed the meaning by Omegle
I am having sex and then I kill the girl cause she cant`t breath "She has been cockmurdered!"
by mettrau February 17, 2010
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