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the most hardcore metal band in the south jersey region, tristate area, and quite possibly the world. if you go to their show, which you probably will, you will get severely injured and possibly killed due to hardcore moshing which is more than enough reasons for anyone who isn't dead to attend. rape is also inevitable, women, children, men, trannies, animals etc.

randomasshole: i went to the cobra lung show, and i got my ass kicked by cobra lung. i may possibly be paralyzed.

randomasshole2: shit was brutal, i have broken vertebraes, fractured ribcage, punctured lungs, brain hemorrhage, shattered femurs, dislocated shoulders, and anal bleeding.
by COOOBBBBRRRAAAAA LLLL December 10, 2008
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when a fine ass broad be deepthroatin a big black dick so good that it go down in her lung
damn clarence, look at dat white bitch meredith cobra lung gunnin darryl.. daaaaaaaaaamn
by yaboyshamique June 25, 2008
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