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When A women Has Not HAd Sex In A Long Time Her Puss Hair's Bond Together Froming A Protective Web Across The Vanginal Opening
Damn Money Yo Sister is Fine But She Got To Many Cobbwebs 4 me
by Mahlong Black November 17, 2006
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When the man ejaculates on to his hands, rubs them together, pulls them apart leaving sticking strings of semen hanging between his hands, and goes behind someone and puts the strings in front of the face of the other. Then pulls his hands back, leaving his sticking residue on the person. Usually done to a lover or as a prank to a good friend.
Ex 1: Matt: Dude I gave Jake some sick cobbwebs yesterday.

Sebastian: Sweeet!

Ex 2: Samantha: OMG last night i asked Charlie to give me some cobbwebs. It was sooo hot.
by HUEGHcobra June 22, 2010
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