Once it's in you, there is no gettin away from it. It consumes you with football pride, underages, jailtime, psycho companions, beloved enemies and a totally different way of handling all the problems that are thrown at us. DRAMA, is our middle name, but makes use the best friends you will ever have in the end. We're always the champion drinkers. You will know someone is from the Coal Region when you hear "Yo Butt" and are greeted with a beer. The Coal Region.. Where football is god, truck exhausts are our alarm clocks, alcohol is our water, little girls are sluts, and FUCK is our noun, verb and adjective. No matter how hard you wanna get away, you can't ESCAPE the COAL REGION!
i'm a coal region girl.
and this is just how we roll.
by ruhnayyyxo January 2, 2008
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The region in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where Anthracite coal was or is mined. It is west of the Poconos, east of the Susquehanna River, South of Scranton, and north of The Lehigh Valley. Hazleton and Wikes-Barre are the two center masses of population.

It suffers from mine pollution, poverty, political corruption, severe emigration push, and a virtually absent intellectual community.
If you ever move to the Anthracite Coal Region, you know you fucked up in life.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic October 27, 2010
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