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An event where a moderate quantity of highly desired drugs are purposely spilled on the floor in a room full of people who are well known addicts. The first one to hit the floor is framed the gold medalist, second to hit the floor receives the silver medal, and bronze goes to the third person to jump on the ground and race to gobble up and spilled morsels that may still be available. Usually, bets are placed by everyone spectating the event and hosted by the drug providers.
Holy fuck Roger, did you see that Kimmy score the gold in the cluck olympics as that cream hit the floor. Danm nigga, that shit was classic of old Kimmy the cluck, she's been on one for years bro, what did you expect?
Yeah, your right, I sure didn't expect to see allishia drop down for the silver...
No doubt, that bitch has been on the pipe lately though... Uh huh, and Stacy got bronze, big surprise, she would suck your dick for a pebble if you'd let her! Lol
by Can you handle it? June 28, 2018
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