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Any round-about used by any sort of vehicle or mode of transportation (Cars,trucks,skateboarders,ponies,etc) in a hazardous way which endangers the living society around it.

Similiar to the task of stuffing 'Fat Bastard' (Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me) through a tube-slide at a child carnival, only in this act we force 2000 students, teachers, and the general public (Mainly filled with clowns urgently speeding to attend Clown Pounds (see this definition for more information)) around a round-about in under 10 minutes of time. Overall this process is only filled with hastiness, confusion, accidents, and a exponential increase in car insurance bills.

For instance, visiting Middleton's latest addition to aid in traffic the round-about connecting Highway 12, Discovery Lane, and Parmenter. This is a text-book definition of a 'clown-round' and while I urge everyone to visit and view this feat, I advise all to park far away from this 'clown-round' and however to avoid injury to yourself and do deter contribution to this 'clown-round' I advise walking to view this feat.
Teacher:"Is there an explanation as to why you are late?"

Student:"Well Mr.B, I was coming to school but got in an accident while traversing through the clown round. Damn those clowns all in a hustle to get to the clown pound"
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