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A buncha dudes looking to get lucky on a night out with girls by coming up to them and grinding indiscriminately. Said dudes have zero game and are usually seen sporting berets. At the end of the night, these sideline haters and end up douching it up with other haters
Yo, fool, look who rolled in; the biggest clown crew in the city. I'm gonna rip the beret of those mofos !
by hailbg February 06, 2010
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Any professional team that is overpaid and underperforming
The Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, New York Knicks, New York Yankees are a few examples of teams that due to poor management (we're looking at you Carl Peterson and Al Davis), bad coaching (same here Isiah Thomas) or aging players (looking at the Steinbrenners) that are now disgracing the names of formerly great franchises. So there for they are clown crews.
by R.P. Atkins September 15, 2008
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a crew of guys that love to drink, party, and sideline hate at a club

their efforts in attracting the female species are usually a waste wkend after wkend, club after club

if the nights out with your crew end with fights, nasty food, zero female interaction, and no one getting lucky.....yup....ur rolling with a clown crew

once part of a clown crew, it is difficult to dis-associate oneself from it - since your status will now follow your clown reputation
boi #1: "yo u rollin to the city?"
boi #2: "whos rollin?

boi #1: "same guys from last wkend"
boi #2: "what a fuckin clown crew"

boi #1: "yea man, we need new friends"
by nismau February 04, 2010
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