Girl wearing usually wearing a lots of makeup, have suprisingly big boobs while being slim and fit. Always smiles, laughs and jokes.
- That chick Natalia Zawal is such a clown bitch
by mightymo March 11, 2012
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What is a "Clown Bitch"

-A bitch who wears lot of makeup. Makes herself look like a cheap ass slutty clown.

-She often want to have everyone's attention.

-A ratchet
Girl 1: Oh look! There's a clown bitch in da party.
Girl 2: Well, let's go home!
by xchyna April 1, 2016
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1) A person who constantly embarrasses themselves on national television by being a hypocritical count

2) a potato

3) Brian Stelter
I begrudgingly watched the latest Reliable Sources. I really wish I hadn't. BS is such a bitch clown.
by habibiwhoeatsass January 14, 2021
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