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The term for a boozy, salesy, replacement CEO of a successful tech-startup, who marches in and thinks that he has a grand vision for the future insofar as he attaches the word "cloud" to every sentence.

Such an exec is also technically inept and cannot even type or use any modern day interfaces including mice, keyboards, or phones -- in fact, may often refer to the company's key technology as "okiedokie 9000". Srsly.

Disproportionate use of modern terms such as: cloud, sas, vision, how it works in the big leagues, juxtaposed with antiquated terms such as "boof", "let's make squillions of dollars", and "damn yanks" make a cloudcloud a very interesting cloud indeed.
OMG, here comes cloudcloud again to tell us how his big vision is to take our company into the cloud, cloudcloud, sass, tuna cloud and make squillions of dollars. We are going public!!! Woohooo!
by hello world champion March 24, 2011
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