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A playful euphemism of someone who is homosexual but not yet out of the closet.
"no one knows i'm gay except you guys"

"aw you're a lil closetmonkey"
by gogobordello April 30, 2009
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A female who stands in your closet, just waiting to do stuff.
Alex totally got cock-blocked by a closet monkey the other night. He went into his room and then this closet monkey jumps out and he was to cranked to resist the hot makeout session that followed.
by the d00d October 22, 2006
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a gay neighbor that thinks hes cool and comes over at HIDES IN THE CLOSET if this is a guy it isnt bad run in the closet with her
*straight*:what the fuck are u doing <put name here> can i come in?(<only for GIRLS!)
*gay*wanna come in (for girl)wanna come in(guy)
*straight*yes(girl)nowaht the fuck are u doing get out of my house!(guy)
by zippo man November 06, 2004
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