verb, noun:

to leave hanging, to be left hanging, a cliffhanger.

Coined when the second season of the popular animated television series, Clone High, was abruptly cancelled, leaving viewers to agonize over the first season's cliffhanger: did Abe pick Joan or Cleo?
A: Then, the man dragged his bloody stump toward the window and suddenly--oh gotta' go, my pizza's here.

B: Suddenly what? Hey! Don't clone high me, man!
by titmousicus February 27, 2011
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Best. Cartoon. Ever. On. Tv.

That is, with the exception of the simpsons. Of course.

Let me try and explain: A high school filled with teenage clones of significant historical figures. Abe Lincoln, JFK, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and others going to high school with each other. Hilarity ensues.
I was watching clone high the other day, and principal scudworth goes, 'Raise the roof, ya'll! RRRAISE IT!' then mr. b goes, 'WHERE ARE MY BITCHES.' it was awesome.
by rainmelon July 1, 2004
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MTV, Cartoon show that had famous historical characters such as Mohatma Gandhi, George Washington Carver, Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and Freud in a high school setting.
say what: Carver
say what: Carver

Wow that was one of the best dialogues in the history of MTV cartoons.
by AZAMI March 21, 2005
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Clone High was a Canadian animated show that aired on MTV and Teletoon from 2002 to 2003. It was about a high school inhabitited by clones. The clones were made from the DNA of famous people back in the 1980s as part of a conspiracy by The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures to use their skills to make a super army. The show's humor came from the show making fun of the popularity of teen dramas (having stereotypical characters and generic plotlines). Also there was gory cartoon violence and the show's very clever, witty dialogue with jabs at popular culture. The series only had one season this was because of the portrayal of Gandhi angered Indians who vowed to fast in response to Clone High. MTV cancelled the series because of the controversy and ratings weren't high enough. The characters were Abe Lincoln, the nice, naive, shy guy in love with Cleo, Joan of Arc a moody, smart and cynical Goth who is in love with Abe, Gandhi a hyperactive class clown and party animal, Cleopatra a beautiful, popular and sexy cheerleader who is very mean, stuck-up and selfish and not to mention slutty being with both Abe and JFK. JFK is a popular school jock and stud who is very macho and egotistical. The school's principal Dr. Cinnamon J Scudworth is a crazy idiot who is obsessed with using the clones for his own schemes and his best friend Mr. Butlertron a robot butler who resembles Mr. Belvedere.
Did you see Clone High last night? That show is freakin' hilarious!
by Mg14 October 11, 2010
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JFK from clone high is a clone high character that is obsessive over women, and usually refers to then as “broads”. He is most known for his Boston accent.
JFK from clone high is such a cool person!”

“I like your funny words, magic man!”
by RandomGuy1245 March 7, 2021
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Feeling the after affects of getting high the day/night before.
Richie: Oh man...I shouldn't have smoked so much last night.

Austin: How come, man?

Richie: Cause' I'm feeling a little "Clone High" right now and we have a huge calc test next period.
by Eggi_217 September 16, 2023
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