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When a womans clit is in a fit of rage due to lack of sex; womens version of blueballs. Descriptive word for sexual frustration.
I haven't had sex in weeks; I'm having a clitfit.
by Erin Plata July 16, 2008
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A clit fit occurs when a lesbian begins to rant about the male dominant society in which we live and how nearly everything is constructed in a phallic way to subliminally undermine women and their vaginas.
lesbian having a clit fit, "Look at that light switch! It's a like a little cock I have to stroke just see in the dark!"

man, "but if it you stuck your finger in a hole in the wall to turn on a light, you could be electrocuted."

lesbian having a clit fit, "fuck your penis!"

man, "please do."
by Hellpaddy July 24, 2009
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