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Ordinarily refers to a soft wax used by cross country skiers when conditions are warm, but the better definition is that it's what chicks get when they ride their bike too much.
She rode a century and now she has a clister.
by bike seat lover March 04, 2009
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(n) Clister, (v) To clist. Similar to a Titty Twister for the clitoris. This action is carried out by pinching a woman's clitoris between one's thumb and index finger and then twisting while still applying a firm, consistent pinch.

Clisters are most often used in sexual foreplay among the BDSM crowd, but may also be used as a form of physical punishment for normal people.
(n) "Fuck yea. Now open your legs so I can give you a clister or I'll whip you again for being a bad little slut."

(v) "I swear to Christ if dinner isn't ready when I get home I'm going to clist the shit out of that beaten up axe wound between your legs.
by john2164 October 08, 2011
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Name for visable STDs on a woman's vagina. Derived from the English words Clit and Blisters, Clisters.
I wouldn't hook up with that chick if I were you, I heard she has a beastly case of the clisters.
by GrizzlyBearski August 26, 2009
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Oh man. My ex came to visit for the weekend and I rode him so long and hard I got a fucking clister!
by kookymiyuki April 21, 2011
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