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A girl or guy that is desperate for attention from the person they have attached to. These people will do anything to be with that person. Usually, this is really (fucking) annoying, and pathetic. A guy is called a clingy-bitch by his friends. A girl is called a clingy-bitch, usually by the guy she is dating.

Clingy-bitches can also attach to objects: Clothes, cars etc.
Man: That clingy-bitch doesn't do shit without his wife.

Women: She's a clingy-bitch. She so clingy, she still on me when I'm limp.

"That clingy-bitch keeps calling me. Don't she know I got more than one hoe?"

"Dude, Jim doesn't hang out with us anymore man..."
"Yea, that clingy-bitch is always messing with his car."
"Ah, that's straight, he was a pretty sweet ride."

by JohnR. May 26, 2008
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