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The flying enemy from Morrowind that still haunts our nightmares. They were so annoying that the development team actually admitted the amount of cliff racers in the game being a mistake!

Saint Jiub drove them off, but a little bit too late.
Nerevarine: I have finally fullfilled my destiny. Now Vvardenfell shall be save for.. wait, what was that noice?
Nerevarine: By Azura, no! Cliff racer!
by t.m.p.a August 06, 2011
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A fictional creature, similar to a pterodactyl, featured in the video game 'Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind'.

It is also one of the most hated monsters by regular Morrowind players, notably for it's high-pitched screech, inability to die, and the fact that there are almost always more than one of them attacking one's character.
Stephen: Sh*t! There's cliff racers everywhere!
Stephen: %^&**&#$%!@#$!!!
by Sam C. and Stephen L. June 06, 2007
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