A misspelling of the word cliqued up. Used mostly by rappers and gang members.
As PIRU got bigger they clicked up with other gangs...
by elderElder April 6, 2011
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To purchase something, often impulsively, on the internet. Similar to terms "cook-up" a story or "stir-up" some dinner. Only here you "click-up" some stuff.
After hearing a song I had liked back in high school, I thought "why don't I just click-up the CD."

or "I have been wanting to get a telescope, I think I just might click one up today."
by triman_us April 15, 2010
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A group of Houston Rappers who all collabarated with D J Screw.
Lil' Keke, Lil' Flip, Hawk etc
by C Lo January 25, 2004
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Rap Group Made By DJ Screw From Screwston TX (Not All Are From Houston Or TX)(R.I.P.) SUC/SU4C :Soldiers United 4 Cash - Lil Keke H.A.W.K. (R.I.P.) Fat Pat (R.I.P.) Z-Ro Big Mello (R.I.P.) Big Moe (R.I.P.) Lil Flip C-Note BG Duke Will Lean Lil C Mike D Lil O ESG Point Blank Gator Mafio Big Pokey Big Jut Lil Troy Lil Boo (R.I.P.) Dave LOS Lil Randy Corry Blount K.K. Shawty Mac Lil Chuck Al D Youngsta & Grace Affiliates - Trae & A.B.N. (Lil Boss Jay-Ton Lil B Dub G) Dougie D Trey D Shepdog UGK.....
The SUC iz 1 of tha thoedist in da south! SCREWED UP CLICK FO LIFE.
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this is when men are on the internet trolling social networking sites to have an arsenal of attractive womens' headshots on their pages with hope to voyeur, admire the headshots, and/or actually meet the women.
Last Friday, I got two "friend requests" from men I don't know. After some wall posting, it became clear they were trying to click-up chicks.
by JonesToTheGrindstone.com April 21, 2009
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